GRRR! My threads are stripped. Now what? Call Eric's Laz-R-Out! Expert at the use and proper installation of thread repair inserts, Eric can get your hole back to stock thread size so you can bolt up and get going. Not only will you be on your way, the area Eric re-threaded will actually be stronger than the original threads were.

Diamond Coil Insert Waffle Insert

There are two different types of thread repair inserts that are commonly used. The first type is a hardened stainless steel coiled wired insert: (see Diamond Coil Insert pictured left)
  1. Bolt thread to coil interface, torque transfers through the center of the diamond to a full interface with the thread in the part.
  2. Hardened S. Steel diamond shaped coil wire thread insert.
  3. New S.T.I. over sized thread tapped in part.
The second is a mild steel layered sleeve insert; this is also available in a soft stainless steel: (see Waffle Insert pictured right)
  1. Bolt to mild steel interface. Torque is transfered through a thin layer of steel to the part, this is excellent for certain applications.
  2. Layered Insert
  3. Counterbored for sholdered insert.
  4. New S.T.I. oversided thread tapped in part.

Eric's knowledge in this area allows him to determine which type of insert is appropriate for which situation.

Once Eric decides which thread repair insert is correct for your job, he gets to work repairing your damaged threads. He performs this service in a variety of sizes and hole depths, standard and metric. Eric also can, and has, repaired threading in a wide variety of situations. The most common is his on site on vehicle thread repair service, but Eric can also come to the rescue for machinery and other items that have thread damage.

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